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Project Overview (1.)

The purpose of the Wireless project is to develop an aircraft wireless receiver, for use by field operatives to receive orders and other communications from their command and control center.

Project Strategy (1.1)

The project will be managed according to the SCC QSP Project Management and SCC QSP Product Lifecycle Management.

Project Structure (1.2)

Role / Name Date Approved
Project sponsor / Barton Swift 2013-01-01
Project manager / Tom Swift 2013-01-01
Product manager / John Sharp 2013-01-01
Manufacturing manager / Miquel DeLazes 2013-01-01
Software lead designer / Minnie Blair 2013-01-01
Hardware lead designer / Barcoe Jenks 2013-01-01
Mechanical lead designer / Bub Armstrong 2013-01-01

Project Background (2.)

Provide additional background for the project and expand on financial or strategic justification.

Scope (3.)

The wireless receives amplitude modulated (AM) signals in the commercial broadcast medium-wave spectrum of 530 kHz – 1710 kHz, and requires no external power.

In-Scope (3.1)

  • Product requirements.
  • Product development.
  • Sales launch.

Out-of-Scope (3.2)

  • All other activities.

Project Deliverables (3.3)

  • Wireless product design, including supply chain specifications.
  • User documentation.
  • Production documentation.
  • 10 prototypes

Organizations Affected (3.4)

Organization Description
Universal Flying Machine Ltd. Development partner and initial customer.
SCC Engineering Product development.
SCC Sales Sales plan, sales roll-out.
SCC Manufacturing Production and production Planning.
SCC Finance Project controls and reporting.

Detailed Requirements (4.)

The wireless receives amplitude modulated (AM) signals in the commercial broadcast medium-wave spectrum of 530 kHz – 1710 kHz, and requires no external power. Regulatory compliance or certification is not required.

User Interface (4.1)

  • The Wireless shall have a knob to adjust the AM carrier frequency it is tuned to.
  • The Wireless shall have a headphone connector.

Sub-System Specification (4.2)

  • Not applicable.

Data Description (4.3)

  • Not applicable.

Physical Characteristics (4.4)

  • Not specified.

Project Estimated Cost, Effort and Duration (5.)

Estimated Cost (5.1)

Not estimated.

Estimated Effort (5.2)

Not estimated.

Milestones (5.3)

Milestone Date Deliverable & Expectations
Project Launch 2012-12-01 Approval of draft project plan and project manager assigned.
Release 1 (Prototype) 2013-01-01 Engineering test and beta evaluation.
Release 2 (PCB Revision) 2013-01-02 PCB correction and documentation release.
Release 3 (Product) 2013-01-03 Release to production.
Product Marketing Launch 2013-01-04 Launch event.
Release 4 (Mfg Improvements) 2013-01-04 Cost and quality improvements.
Release 5 (Field Service Kit) 2013-01-05 Field service parts kit

Release 1 - Prototype Printed-Circuit-Assembly

The 10000001 Rev 00 Parts List was released with child parts and assemblies for building a small number of prototype units. The assembly included an earphone, wire for a stubby antenna and preliminary user manual, but no enclosure. Manufacturing process documentation included a product part breakdown structure diagram, a work instruction for packing beta test units and a work instruction for fabricating PN 20000001, a custom inductor.

   Part Numbers
   --- /home/maestro/scc/csv.old/pv_pn_details_sort.csv    2015-01-21 11:24:44.174648991 -0700
   +++ /home/maestro/scc/csv/pv_pn_details_sort.csv        2015-01-21 11:24:44.825654256 -0700
   @@ -1 +1,19 @@
   +20000001,"IND,830UH,AIRCRAFT WIRELESS",
   +90000002,"MAG,FERRITE ROD,1/4IN X 4IN,MATL=61",
   +90000005,"CAPV,150-230PF,TOP ADJUST,PCB",
   >f+++++++++ 10000001/10000001_PBS-00.odg
   >f+++++++++ 10000001/10000001_PBS-00.pdf
   >f+++++++++ 10000001/10000001_WI-00.odt
   >f+++++++++ 10000001/10000001_WI-00.pdf
   >f+++++++++ 20000001/20000001_WI-00.odt
   >f+++++++++ 20000001/20000001_WI-00.pdf
   >f+++++++++ 20000001/20000001_WI-00_graphics.odg
   >f+++++++++ 20000002/20000002_CAM-00.pdf
   >f+++++++++ 20000002/
   >f+++++++++ 20000002/20000002_QUO-00-APC-2004-12-23.pdf
   >f+++++++++ 20000003/
   >f+++++++++ 20000003/20000003_SCH-00.pdf
   >f+++++++++ 50000001/50000001_DSN-00.odt
   >f+++++++++ 50000001/50000001_DSN-00.pdf
   >f+++++++++ 90000001/Belden-8085.pdf
   >f+++++++++ 90000002/CWS-ByteMark-2009-12-04.pdf
   >f+++++++++ 90000002/CWS-ByteMark-ferrite-appnote.pdf
   >f+++++++++ 90000002/CWS-ByteMark-ferrite-datasheet.pdf
   >f+++++++++ 90000003/MSDS-Scotch-Vinyl-Electrical-Tape-2007-01-05.pdf
   >f+++++++++ 90000003/Scotch-Vinyl-Electrical-Tape.pdf
   >f+++++++++ 90000004/DS-CUI-MJ-3536NG.pdf
   >f+++++++++ 90000005/Sprague-Goodman-GM-Series.pdf
   >f+++++++++ 90000006/Magnatec-OA95.pdf
   >f+++++++++ 90000007/Panasonic-RadLead-KS.pdf
   >f+++++++++ 90000008/AVX-Radial-SkyCap.pdf
   >f+++++++++ 90000009/Kemet-Ceramic.pdf
   >f+++++++++ 90000010/Vishay-5063JD-Spacemiser.pdf
   >f+++++++++ 90000011/Vishay-5063JD-Spacemiser.pdf
   >f+++++++++ 90000012/Maplin-crystal-earph-LB25C.pdf
   >f+++++++++ 90000013/BICC-General-Carol-Hookup-Wire.pdf

Release 2 - Revised PCB

The electrical schematic was revised to correct connectivity of the PCB-type inductor, the PCB design was revised to correct the inductor layout, and new PCB CAM files were generated. The mechanical dimensions of the PCB were also corrected, a Master Drawing for the PCB was created, and an assembly drawing and work instruction were created for assembly of the circuit board. In addition, the work instruction for the custom inductor PN 20000001 was updated with format changes. The rev level of the PN 20000001 was not changed, as no changes were made to the part (i.e. fit, form and function of the inductor were not affected by the work instruction change).

   Part Numbers
   >f+++++++++ 20000001/20000001_WI-01.odt
   >f+++++++++ 20000001/20000001_WI-01.pdf
   >f+++++++++ 20000002/20000002_CAM-01.pdf
   >f+++++++++ 20000002/
   >f+++++++++ 20000002/20000002_MA-00.odg
   >f+++++++++ 20000002/20000002_MA-00.pdf
   >f+++++++++ 20000003/20000003_ASSY-00.odg
   >f+++++++++ 20000003/20000003_ASSY-00.pdf
   >f+++++++++ 20000003/
   >f+++++++++ 20000003/20000003_SCH-01.pdf
   >f+++++++++ 20000003/20000003_WI-00.odt
   >f+++++++++ 20000003/20000003_WI-00.pdf

Release 3 - Top-level Marketing Assembly (product release)

The product Parts List was restructured for release of the product, and a new top-level marketing assembly part number was created. An enclosure with hardware was added, the manual and earphone were moved to the marketing assembly, and the stubby antenna was removed and the user manual was updated.

   Part Numbers
   --- /home/maestro/scc/csv.old/pv_pn_details_sort.csv    2015-01-21 11:24:50.705701801 -0700
   +++ /home/maestro/scc/csv/pv_pn_details_sort.csv        2015-01-21 11:24:51.424707616 -0700
   @@ -1,8 +1,16 @@
    20000001,"IND,830UH,AIRCRAFT WIRELESS",
    90000002,"MAG,FERRITE ROD,1/4IN X 4IN,MATL=61",
   @@ -16,4 +24,9 @@
   >f+++++++++ 10000001/10000001_ASSY-00.odg
   >f+++++++++ 10000001/10000001_ASSY-00.pdf
   >f+++++++++ 10000001/10000001_PBS-01.odg
   >f+++++++++ 10000001/10000001_PBS-01.pdf
   >f+++++++++ 10000001/10000001_WI-01.odt
   >f+++++++++ 10000001/10000001_WI-01.pdf
   >f+++++++++ 10000002/10000002_ART-00.odg
   >f+++++++++ 10000002/10000002_ART-00.pdf
   >f+++++++++ 10000002/10000002_FAB-00.odg
   >f+++++++++ 10000002/10000002_FAB-00.pdf
   >f+++++++++ 10000003/10000003_PBS-00.odg
   >f+++++++++ 10000003/10000003_PBS-00.pdf
   >f+++++++++ 10000003/10000003_WI-00.odt
   >f+++++++++ 10000003/10000003_WI-00.pdf
   >f+++++++++ 50000001/
   >f+++++++++ 50000001/50000001_DSN-01.odt
   >f+++++++++ 50000001/50000001_DSN-01.pdf
   >f+++++++++ 80000001/Hammond-1590T.dwg
   >f+++++++++ 80000001/Hammond-1590T.pdf
   >f+++++++++ 80000001/Hammond-9c2pg42-43.pdf
   >f+++++++++ 80000002/Keystone-M55-prod31.pdf
   >f+++++++++ 80000003/Machinepancombo.pdf
   >f+++++++++ 80000004/TYCO-ENG_CD_5205820_O.pdf
   >f+++++++++ 80000005/IS-435.PDF
   >f+++++++++ 80000005/MSDS-MS-4040.pdf
   >f+++++++++ 80000005/Quote-ULINE-S-463.pdf
   >f+++++++++ 80000005/ULINE-S463.pdf
   >f+++++++++ 80000007/INT LWZ 004.jpg
   >f+++++++++ 90000014/1110104001.pdf
   >f+++++++++ 90000015/1110107001.pdf
   >f+++++++++ 90000016/ENG_CD_330648_F1.pdf
   >f+++++++++ 90000017/Hookup.pdf
   >f+++++++++ 90000018/Hookup.pdf

Release 4 - Cost and Quality Improvements

To aid assembly and test, the circuit board orientation in the enclosure was inverted (mounting copper-side up now instead of component-side up), allowing direct access to circuit board components and off-board wiring while mounted in the enclosure. The location of the holes in the enclosure base and lid were adjusted for the new circuit board orientation, and the enclosure artwork modified accordingly. To document the changes, the PCA assembly diagram and work instruction were updated for the tuning capacitor being mounted on the opposite side of the PCB, and the enclosure-level assembly diagram and work instruction were updated for PCA mounting change (orientation and new shorter standoffs).

   Part Numbers
   --- /home/maestro/scc/csv.old/pv_pn_details_sort.csv    2015-01-21 11:24:52.211713979 -0700
   +++ /home/maestro/scc/csv/pv_pn_details_sort.csv        2015-01-21 11:24:52.767718478 -0700
   @@ -10,6 +10,7 @@
    90000002,"MAG,FERRITE ROD,1/4IN X 4IN,MATL=61",
   >f+++++++++ 10000001/10000001_ASSY-01.odg
   >f+++++++++ 10000001/10000001_ASSY-01.pdf
   >f+++++++++ 10000001/10000001_PBS-02.odg
   >f+++++++++ 10000001/10000001_PBS-02.pdf
   >f+++++++++ 10000001/10000001_WI-02.odt
   >f+++++++++ 10000001/10000001_WI-02.pdf
   >f+++++++++ 10000002/10000002_ART-01.odg
   >f+++++++++ 10000002/10000002_ART-01.pdf
   >f+++++++++ 10000002/10000002_FAB-01.odg
   >f+++++++++ 10000002/10000002_FAB-01.pdf
   >f+++++++++ 10000003/10000003_PBS-01.odg
   >f+++++++++ 10000003/10000003_PBS-01.pdf
   >f+++++++++ 20000003/20000003_ASSY-01.odg
   >f+++++++++ 20000003/20000003_ASSY-01.pdf
   >f+++++++++ 20000003/20000003_WI-01.odt
   >f+++++++++ 20000003/20000003_WI-01.pdf
   >f+++++++++ 80000006/Keystone-M55-prod31.pdf

Release 5 - Field Service Kit

A kit of parts useful for field service was released. The service kit and contents was created in response to requests from field service technicians to provide more effective and efficient field service.

   Part Numbers
   --- /home/maestro/scc/csv.old/pv_pn_details_sort.csv    2015-01-21 11:24:53.652725636 -0700
   +++ /home/maestro/scc/csv/pv_pn_details_sort.csv        2015-01-21 11:24:54.381731532 -0700
   @@ -5,6 +5,7 @@
   >f+++++++++ 60000001/60000001_PBS-00.odg
   >f+++++++++ 60000001/60000001_PBS-00.pdf
   >f+++++++++ 60000001/60000001_WI-00.odt
   >f+++++++++ 60000001/60000001_WI-00.pdf

Project Assumptions (6.)

Assumption Criticality (H/M/L) Desription
Assumption 1 Medium Adequate resources will be provided to complete the project in the shortest possible time.

Project Risks (7.)

Risk Area Level (H/M/L) Risk Mitigation Plan
Reception Range Medium Increase size antenna size.

Related Documentation (8.)

  • No related documentation.

Project Approvals (9.)

Add any signatures that are important for the approval of the project. Names and dates are provided here to indicate required approvals and for convenient reference, approval is managed in Maestro).

Role / Name Date Approved
Dir., Sales & Marketing / James Period 2013-01-01
Manager of project manager / Barton Swift 2013-01-01
Project manager / Tom Swift 2013-01-01